Why is xfusion right for you?

For several years our team has been working on various systems implementation, as well as developing solutions from scratch. All this experience was used to develop xfusion engine for the system front-end (Apps), backbone (Cloud Server), and IoT (Embedded Systems)

It is a core of the system efficiently serving any demanding business environment
If you are about to start up any kind of digital disruption, you are on the right track, so keep reading...

70% Faster in Development

Up to 60% reduction in maintenance costs

Scalable to unimaginable

Web/Mobile Apps

From design, code development, testing, and support we deliver a modern, high-efficient product. Build on the xfusion JS engine our apps transition from MVP to a workhorse business easily

  • Offload Cloud / Improve UX:To be more efficient we use popular JS frameworks in conjunction with the xfusion engine, this way avoiding server-side rendering and data processing
  • Clean Coding:Coding is everything: Security, documentation, consistency with modern practices, algorithms, etc. Most new developments fail because of the inconsistency of business processes and development work
  • Testing & Support: You will get running product to take over, however, we can support it to any extent

Cloud Solutions

Any app needs a sufficient level of server infrastructure and services. Here xfusion full-stack approach produces the best possible results

  • Efficiency: Our Apps process data independently offloading servers by up to 60%, thus reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • Security: By utilizing modern data access (Auth2.0 and 2FA), automated backups, cloud firewall, redundancy, and permission management (CRUDE) critical information is safe to alien eyes
  • Integrations: APIs, cross-platform data exchange, and aggregation are possible. Third-party services will be used mostly to keep the system efficient in a long run

Embedded Systems

IoT is becoming a crucial part of our everyday life, from the simple information source to advanced remote management tool for infrastructure

  • Design: Pcb and systems design are important and not an easy task, including lots of alternative testing with appropriate lab equipment
  • Coding: the xfusion RTOS is a modern approach for any kind of Microcontroller available on the market, successfully working with other ICs and sensors
  • Assembly: Before you run to serial production we can deliver a test batch of the devices

Our Approach

There is a battle-tested process how the developer team will engage with client business:

Establish a detailed plan of action:

Process audit, technical requirements sheet, detailed action plan, and much more are crucial things for project success

CICD (Continuous Implementation, Continuous Development):

We develop, project owner tests, and gives feedback. We improve until all of the milestones of the project are met

Hand over / Support / More Features:

Every system is like a live animal: it needs care, improvement, new capabilities

Technologies we use

This is only part of the list, ones that we have been working on most times. Overall there is no limit to technological advancement and we are acquiring new skills consistently

Systems and Modules xfusion team has built so far:

We invest a lot in the personal development of our team members, believing we have achieved a lot, but keeping in mind to grow further by developing a new set of skills and exploring emerging technologies

  • Client/User Portals
  • Specific Software Packages
  • Analytics, KPI, Ratios, etc
  • Automated CRM (SMS, Email)
  • SaaS Billing & E-Commerce
  • POS (Point of Sales)
  • Warehouse Management
  • Permission Management (CRUDE)
  • RFID Access Devices
  • Multidimensional Sensors
  • IoT Devices
  • RTOS for IoT
  • Chat-Bot
  • Custom CRM Packages
  • Cloud Server For IoT
  • Mobile Apps
  • Smart Industrial Controller
  • 3D Printed Prototypes
  • Integrations With 3D Party Services
  • JIT Dashboards

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