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Software & Hardware Engineering Ops

Specializing in delivering bespoke digital business solutions for startups and corporations.

xFusion focuses on the long term

Our team possesses extensive expertise in the implementation of diverse systems and the development of bespoke solutions from inception. This wealth of knowledge has culminated in the creation of the Xfusion engine, a sophisticated and comprehensive framework supporting front-end applications, cloud servers, and IoT embedded systems. Serving as the cornerstone of our offerings, this engine is engineered to thrive in even the most demanding business environments. If you are prepared to embark on a transformative digital disruption journey, we invite you to explore the remarkable capabilities and advantages that our Xfusion engine can deliver for your enterprise.

30% Faster

In development compared to legacy development experience


We develop systems based on best approaches and practices

Best value

Quality of the system and low maintenance cost delivers highest value


As experienced ICT solution providers, we specialize in building efficient systems that support organizations in delivering value to stakeholders.

System Design and Solution Architecture:

Our expertise in system design and solution architecture helps organizations optimize their ICT systems, improving efficiency and functionality.

Data Science:

We provide valuable insights and analysis to help organizations make informed decisions and improve performance.

AI-driven Organizational Performance Improvement:

xFusion consultants offer compelling AI-based solutions to automate processes, reduce costs, and enhance overall performance.

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Web/Mobile Apps

From design, code development, testing, and support, we deliver a modern, high-efficient product. Built on the xfusion engine, our apps seamlessly transition from MVP to workhorse solutions for businesses.

Offload Cloud / Improve UX:

To be more efficient, we use popular frameworks in conjunction with the xfusion engine, avoiding server-side rendering and data processing.

Clean Coding:

Coding is everything: security, documentation, consistency with modern practices, algorithms, etc. We prioritize clean coding to ensure the success of new developments and maintain consistency in business processes.

Testing & Support:

You will receive a fully functional solution with the ability to take full control. If desired, we offer support services to any extent you require.

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Every app requires a robust server infrastructure and services. With our xfusion full-stack approach, we deliver exceptional results.


Our apps process data independently, reducing server load by up to 60%. This results in lower infrastructure and maintenance costs.


We prioritize modern data access protocols (OAuth 2.0 and 2FA), automated backups, cloud firewall, redundancy, and permission management (CRUDE) to ensure the safety of critical information.


Our system allows for seamless integration with APIs, cross-platform data exchange, and aggregation. Third-party services are utilized to maintain long-term system efficiency.

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Embedded Systems

IoT has become an integral part of our daily lives, serving as a simple information source and advanced remote management tool for infrastructure.


Our expertise in system design and solution architecture allows organizations to optimize their ICT systems, enhancing efficiency and functionality.


We utilize the xfusion RTOS, a modern approach compatible with various microcontrollers available in the market. It seamlessly integrates with ICs and sensors.


In addition to designing and coding, we also offer the option to deliver a test batch of devices before proceeding with full-scale production.

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we would like to share some well established


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Fertimo - digital transformation tools for Fitness & Wellness companies

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BWise - cloud platform for financial audit

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Felp - Manage finances, logistics and sales in a single app

Post image

770 Finance - Web page for personal financial consulting

Post image

CityCom - Design IoT devices and software

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Fitpass - Contactless access for the guests

we use following


The list we have shared represents just a fraction of the extensive range of technologies we expertly navigate on a regular basis. At our company, we firmly believe in transcending technological boundaries and are committed to continuously implementing cutting-edge solutions. By steadfastly staying ahead of the curve in our industry, we ensure that we consistently deliver invaluable outcomes to our esteemed clients.


Systems and Modules

xfusion team has built so far:

At our company, nurturing the personal development of our team members stands as a paramount priority. While we take pride in our achievements, we wholeheartedly recognize that the pursuit of growth is a never-ending journey. In this spirit, we actively foster an environment that encourages our dedicated professionals to continuously cultivate new skills and delve into emerging technologies. By doing so, we equip ourselves with the ability to consistently deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our esteemed clients, cementing our position at the forefront of innovation.

Client/User Portals
Specific Software Packages
Analytics, KPI, Ratios, etc
Automated CRM (SMS, Email)
SaaS Billing & E-Commerce
POS (Point of Sales)
Warehouse Management
Permission Management (CRUDE)
RFID Access Devices
Multidimensional Sensors
IoT Devices
RTOS for IoT
Custom CRM Packages
Cloud Server For IoT
Mobile Apps
Smart Industrial Controller
3D Printed Prototypes
Integrations With 3rd Party Services
JIT Dashboards

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