• Developed in : 2021
  • Category : SaaS, Finance
  • Technologies : Vue.js, Laravel, Redis, MariaDB

Project Brief:

BWise is a cloud software package for financial auditing practice management.

Using this tool an audit firm manages the audit process, gathering and analyzing data, preparing reports, reviewing, and managing risks. Moreover, BWise helps audit specialists maintain a high level of knowledge and skillset.

BWise Manages Everything Within the Audit Engagement

  • Plan audit process and identify risks
  • Manage risks and gather appropriate audit evidence for final analysis
  • Prepare reports, share files, keep communication with team members
  • Follow guidelines, update them and establish new ones

Forms, Forms and Forms

The audit process involves lots of routine document reviews and information search (fieldwork), in total BWise software has over 130 unique pages with complicated forms and data tables that the xfusion team has created.

Data Storage

All the audit engagement data is stored on the fastest responding Redis and MariaDB microservices so that users don't even feel they are working in the cloud

Monitor and Control

BWise reduces human factors by monitoring the process automatically, advising users, and preventing case closures until all the essential steps are accomplished with the appropriate level of approval given.

Keep Everything in a Single Place

All audit evidence and materials prepared during the process are easily accessible by any team member, anytime from a browser window. Files and version changes will be monitored by the system.

Give Opinion

It is common practice when the team members give their opinions on how cases can be resolved. We have created a review and comment section for every single audit process under engagement, to help members collaborate efficiently.

Comply With Methodology

BWise provides the methodology to guide professionals and follow the audit process in every single step. This feature is accessible on every single page of the Audit Engagement.