• Developed and Growing Since : 2020
  • Category : Web App, Cloud SaaS
  • Technologies : Vue.js, MariaDB, Node.Js, MongoDB

Project Brief:

Felp is an online tool to generate Financial Statements (Financial Position, Income, Cash Flow, Owner Capital) and build analytics reports in a couple of clicks. Work from anywhere and be in charge of the latest developments, concentrate on important things, meanwhile, felp will handle all the routine tasks to make your life easy.

Moreover, felp helps professionals to collaborate online, plan and measure progress. Manage accounts receivables, payables and plan cash inflow/outflow.

Cloud system for corporate financial management

All the neccessary tools for modern business:

  • Comprehensive Dashboards and Analytics
  • All the important financial statements
  • Important ratios and benchmarks
  • Monitor financial performance
  • Plan and monitor receivables, payables, cashflow
  • Collaborate with colleagues online
  • Study and acquire new skills in the finance profession

Easy Steps

felp is the easiest tool to use, just export the trial balance from your popular accounting software package and upload it on the felp platform.

Powerfull JS Framework

Our efficient code will simultaneously process data and build reports as well as update analytics and benchmarks. All the data is stored on the secured cloud server for any team member to reach it anytime.

Fiancial Statements

felp will automatically generate Statements: Financial Position, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Owners Capital. User can access these anytime, on any device, make comments, use for planning.

Concentrate on Important Things

The platform will eliminate all the routine work performed by finance professionals to build the statements, calculate ratios, etc. Now they can concentrate their precious time on the decision-making process.


The SMART assumes to deliver information that is relevant, timely, and appropriate for the users. This is done by the felp platform built over an efficient xfusion engine and optimized coding approaches.

Responsive and Interactive Design

Users do not have to prepare presentations and represent data in visually effective ways, we have designed felp in the most effective and readable way.