• Developed and Growing Since : 2018
  • Category : Web App, Cloud SaaS
  • Technologies : Vue.js, Codeigniter, Redis, MariaDB, Node.Js, MongoDB, C/C++, AutoDesk Fusion

Project Brief:

Fertimo Wellness Business Management cloud app is designed and can be tailored to specific business needs. Presenting all the features and tools to manage the business with ease.

The project is unique as far as it employees modern IoT systems directly connected to cloud servers, interchanging data in very dynamic environments, where users tend to be demanding.

This Is an ERP System for Gyms, Fitnesses, Swimming Pools, and More

Fertimo solution comes with all the benefits and tools to monitor and manage business operations, here our modules come at help:

  • Comprehensive Dashboards and Analytics
  • CRM for wellness businesses (Automated SMS and Emails)
  • POS (Sell Services and Products)
  • Create/Manage Services
  • Warehouse
  • Reporting And Finance
  • User Management (CRUDE)
  • Cloud Connected Facility Access System

Game Changer IoT

Most of the facility managers struggle with the access systems, some of them are difficult to integrate with ERP systems and some need additional hardware/software to connect to the cloud. Exclusively for Fertimo, we have developed a Plug&Play IoT RFID reader system. Our Solution works fine with the Fertimo cloud software package.

Designed By xfusion Team

As engineers tend to say Hardware is hard to create. However, with the persistent approach, we managed to roll out a very sophisticated device running on the xfusion RTOS. The PCB was designed and assembled by our team as well in our office.

Integrated With the User App is a user Web/Mobile App integrated with to exchange information and help users interact with the wellness/fitness business.

E-Commerce & Gamification

Here end-users can purchase services, monitor their progress, be rewarded (Cashbacks and Bonus points), and a lot more by using Fertimo User App. This is a useful tool for managers to increase customer loyalty and improve overall business profitability.


Automated CRM helps businesses to engage customers at specific time points, by sending encouraging e-mails and SMS messages based on different business logics.

Advanced Services

The service contract may have lots of parameters and Fertimo can handle very demanding ones. As businesses need to grow, no compromises are accepted.