• Developed in : 2021
  • Category : Web App
  • Technologies : Vue.js, Codeigniter, Redis, MariaDB

Project Brief:

Fertimo user App is a web and mobile App connected to wellness management software package. Here users of fitness studios and gyms can manage their subscriptions, buy additional services, and keep themselves motivated by experiencing the unique game-like motivational system.

The App and the business management software are connected in every possible aspect that reduces client service time and enhances user loyalty by at least 15%. The core of the system is built on Vue.js and Codeigniter frameworks, coupled with MariaDB.

Gamified User Experience

A unique solution was created specifically for the purpose. By using the App, every end-user is eligible to acquire a special badge, only if they visit a facility during specific hours or days. This way the system encourages users to visit facilities more often. To keep users motivated periodic leaderboards are maintained and encouraging emails sent to them.

Additional Motivation

All the badges come with points, these gross up, and users grow through levels. Some fitnesses use levels and leaderboards to make discounts and give additional perks to active users.

Online Purchases

Users can purchase services from any provider inside the App, and if this a contract service, eventually it will automatically appear on company sales records therefore, no human action is required.

Schedule Visits

Here users can easily schedule a visit (if service requires one) and both parties will be notified inbox and by email. Online event offering is also possible.

Holistic Solution

Users can check their subscription details with a specific company and review their visit details as well. This holds even if the service was not purchased online. This way businesses and their users can interact and keep each other informed all the time.

Live Data

Using the App one can check the number of visitors inside the facility at any given moment. This is additional comfort for users and helps business manage traffic and avoid facility overcrowding.

Secure Payment Processing & Billing

We use recommended practices to ensure the security of transfers and store sensitive user data. Payments are processed by established e-commerce service providers. We accept Visa/Mastercard payments from any card issuer in the world.

  • VISA/MasterCard
  • Secure Online Payments
  • 72 Hour Money Back Warranty
  • Online Support
  • Optional Cashbacks (Up to service vendor)
  • Smart Cashbacks (Per visit)