• Developed in : 2020
  • Category : IoT
  • Technologies : C/C++, Embedded Design

Project Brief:

RED is a cloud-connected multipurpose sensing device, measuring critical air and security conditions with the highest efficiency.

Under the project scope, the xfusion team has developed smart/multidimensional sensor PCB and RTOS for RED startup.

RED comes with many benefits

It is easy to use, just connect to WiFi and forget about it

  • Geathers and sends you data in a live stream, including current values and alerts
  • Fix, connect, forget. No maintenance and batteries are needed. Access our web app anytime from your RED account
  • Save lives and your assets. Know where and what goes wrong a very exact second it happens

Fire Alarm

We use 3 different sensors to detect fire
- Somoke levels
- Air Temperature
- CO levels


Motion and Noise detectors will secure your Home from unanticipated "visitors", you will get notifications by SMS and the alarm bell will ring loud

Air Quality

RED controls Air quality to ensure comfort and safety :
- CO (Carbon Monoxide)
- CH4, LPG (Gases)
- NOx (Nitrates)


You will know every parameter of your place:
- Noise Levels (in dbm)
- Lighting Level (Lux)
- Air temp, Preassure & Humidity


VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) is everything that describes "Heavy Air" in scientific terms. Our sensors will monitor 7 different gases to suggest the rete of a room air cleanliness


Set alarms and alerts, although some defaults are already there. You will receive notifications by:
- Speaker