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Email is our preffered ways to contact. It is also very convenient way for the information to be stored forever


+995 577 397711

Usually we respond to the emails very quickly, just in case you prefer old-school ways, feel free to call us


7 Innovations Str. Tbilisi, Georgia

If you cant reach us online, you can alwas walk down to our HQ located on the planet Earth, Northern hemisphere


Our Mission

We guide organizations throughout the tech age


Our Vision

xFusion assists in System Design, Application Development, and Device Engineering


Our Values

We believe in tech evolution and innovation. We strive to continuously acquire new skills and technologies, enabling us to deliver high-performing results

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What does xFusion do?

Our 4 major services include: technology system design, web application development, mobile app design and development, and embedded systems design and manufacturing. If there is anything else, please contact us.

How do we approach each client?

We begin by meeting with the client and brainstorming ideas, actively listening to their organization"s needs. We then proceed to create a project brief based on these discussions, followed by more detailed planning and further discussions. Once we have a clear understanding, we finalize the terms and project requirements specification with the client. From there, we diligently carry out all necessary tasks, including system and device testing, making necessary changes, discussing prototypes, and ultimately overseeing the entire project from start to finish. We are committed to delivering a successful outcome.

Do you support systems?

We do support systems and even make additions per client request, but only ones we have created

How does billing work?

Each projects is evaluated and key skills are identified. Than we calculate man/hour rate based on the requirments and multiply is on the hours needed to meet the project goals